Other bits

A few more foody bits to try….

Alpen Light Bars


At around 11.g carb per bar (and only 70 calories), I always try to have an Alpen Light bar in my bag – these are my go-to if I’m out and about and feel my sugars are just slightly dropping/on the low side, or to have before bed if my sugars are again a little low (in the 4/5’s). They have loads of flavours around the same carb content, but Jaffa Cake or Salted Caramel are my favourites 🙂

Suzero Bars


I was kindly sent some Maple & Pecan bars to try from the Suzero team. They’re just 8.7g carb per bar, and are pretty filling, however they’re fairly expensive. I would say they have quite a dense/’sticky’ texture, and (unsurprisingly) aren’t too sweet – but I happily ate them all. You can try them here: 


Burgen Bread

Ooo this stuff is good!

A friend of my Mum’s recommended Burgen Bread, and I can’t recommend it enough! Each slice is 11.8g carb, and unlike most lower carb slices bread, the slices are actually ‘full sized’ and not mini ones – and it’s SO tasty. I usually take 2 units per slice and don’t tend to see a spike in blood sugar.

Lidl high protein rolls

lidlThese are GREAT. Like super super good. They are fairrrrly high calorie (according to myfitnesspal, they’re 268 cals per 100g, and loads of protein) – but the great thing about them is that they’re just 8.5g carb per 100g – and the rolls are usually just over 100g each. So compare that to a ‘standard’ slice of bread which has 15-20g carbs per slice – and it’s alot, alot better.

I usually buy a big batch of these at a time (good value too – 39p per roll) and stick them in the freezer. They keep really well, and are great for those times when, as lovely as making a big, delicious, low-carb salad for lunch would be – you just don’t have the time (!), and wanna whack some ham and cheese in a roll and be done with it. I’ve got a couple of weeks of late nights coming up at work, and will be doing exactly that.



Get one of these. It dosn’t have to be a big or an expenive one – mine was £6.99 from Amazon (you can get it here) – but it’s really useful to make your meals lower-carb. I’m a big fan of ‘courgetti’ which is spiralized cougette/zucchini just fried gently, and added to your meal in place of carby pasta. I have it with all different pasta sauces, bolognese – anything you fancy. ‘Tis goooooood. I’ve heard ‘boodles’ (spiralized butternut squash) are also great, but I’m yet to try this.

 Slim pasta

This one’s a bit of a funny one. ‘Slim Pasta’ is ‘pasta’ based on something called Konjac, which is a fiberous plant – root thing, which has hardly any calories. The slim pasta is super low calorie (9cal per 100g), and has no carbs or gluten or anything. The idea is that, like courgetti, you replace your oridnary carby pasta with this zero-carb alternative. Sounds to good to be true, right?


So it is all true. The only thing is – is that it’s not great. Slim pasta has a strange texture – I’d say it feels a bit like you’re eating rubber, to be honest – and when you open it, it’s in this bag of water that basically smells like fish (appetising, right?). It’s all quite a strange experience, and when you first open it, you wonder what you’ve paid £2.50 for… But to be fair, once you’ve cooked it (microwave or fry – whatever you prefer) and added lottts and lots of sauce – I’ve gone for pesto, mushroom, tomatoes and cheese – it’s not that bad – it just dosn’t feel like you’re eating pasta, that’s all.

It doesn’t taste like it smells (luckily, ha!) and is pretty flavourless, without any bad aftertaste or anything – so it’s fine, and your blood sugars dont’ budge – which is also great. It’s just a bit different, I guess – maybe give it a try and see what you think. I tried the penne one and grabbed it from Holland & Barrett for £2.59 a pack (I had 1/2 pack per portion, to try and make the price seem more justifyable…!).