Crustless quiche

This was actually a Slimming World recipe that my boyfriend’s mum suggested to me, and it’s another great one to prep in advance and just have ready for breakfast – pretty similar to the muffins above, but with some cottage cheese added.


  • 6 eggs
  • small tub of cottage cheese (check the label of this – some of the very low fat ones have a lot of sugar, so I usually go for a ‘lower’ fat version, but not the ‘fat free’ ones
  • Your favourite omelette fillings – this time,  I went for onion, ham, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and pepper
  • Salt, pepper and dried herbs to season

Preheat your oven to 200 ◦C /Gas mark 6, and fry up your omelette fillings.

Meanwhile, mix up your 6 eggs, cottage cheese and seasoning in a bowl/jug.

Add your cooked fillings to a flan/quiche dish, and then pour over you egg mix.

Cook for around 30 minutes in the oven until the quiche is cooked, and enjoy hot or cold. Again, this is great to keep in the fridge and have through the week.

ingredients a la quiche

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