who is she

HI! My name’s Sophie, I’m 26 years old and I am an avid food, (more recently) exercise and general life-fun lover. My pancreas on the other hand has other ideas, and I’ve started this blog in attempt to share my experience of this almost ‘work-life balance’ – life being enjoying it as much as possible, work being attempting to do this whilst staying healthy and yo-yoing between ‘hypo’ and ‘hyper’ blood sugars as little as possible…

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 14 years ago, and at that young spritely age it didn’t really phase me. However, as growing up happened, so did eating out, alcohol, university, and eventually, I developed a general attitude of ‘there’s no point doing another injection in public if my blood’s only 11 mmol/l, it’s not that high’. And the result? Naturally, my control slipped, and my HbA1c crept up.

Fast forward a couple of years and a little lightbulb has clicked in my head. Yep – diabetes is rubbish, and whacking out my thigh and a needle in front of people I met 10 minutes ago isn’t always ideal – but I love my body, and actually – I want to be healthy, and for a long, long time! SO. I’ve snapped out of my mediocre diabetes management and upped my game.

My first real spout of motivation came when I decided to invest in the Freestyle Libre in March 2016. This monitor is genius. Honestly, I cannot praise it enough – it’s the substitute to a working pancreas I’ve always wanted. After helping to make me realise that I can actually ‘own this diabetes thing’, my positivity grew, and my attitude towards T1D flipped 360◦ (although one thing that I feel may forever be a battle is trying to maintain a lower carb diet for the sake of stable blood sugars.- this girl LOVES her food!)

So here it is – my life with the Big D. The fun bits, the rough bits, and all the bits I’m still trying to figure out. I hope it’s enjoyable, honest, and likely cringe worthy at times, but mostly, I hope I can write something that other T1’s can relate to 🙂