The doughnut test

Last Sunday was my ‘diaversary’, which is basically a more fun way of saying ‘I’ve now had type one diabetes for 13 years, and I’m doing A OK (yay!). Now in my opinion there’s only one rule on your diaversary – if you want it, have it. Don’t worry too much about your blood sugars today – obviously don’t stop checking or taking your insulin (please, PLEASE don’t do that) – but I feel like if there is any day you should let yourself have that extra scoop of icecream or your favourite pasta bake which never does your blood sugars any good (or is that just me?), it’s today. For me – it was a Krispy Kreme doughnut for breakfast (not sorry) – and it was GOOD.

Now I have to admit that there was also a teeeeny ulterior motive to this breakfast of choice – SURE when I walked past the Krispy Kreme shop the day before & I felt like I needed a good excuse to justify buying a pack, the ‘diaversary’ did come into play. But after starting on Fiasp insulin this week, I also wanted to do something I’ve called ‘the doughnut test’.

Ok so it didn’t strictly need to be doughnuts. Really I could have used a big ol’ chocolate muffin or a stack of cookie dough icecream and the logic would be the same – but after having a (delicious, of course) Krispy Kreme doughnut quite recently at work, even after perfectly carb-counting from their nutritional info online (MASSIVE LOVE for companies who do this, by the way) and pre-bolusing a good 20 mins before (which, may I add is HARD when the doughnut is sat infront of you and the whole team around you are scoffing theirs and ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS EAT YOURS TOO), my blood sugar still raised up to the high teens (17-18 mmol/l), before crashing down to the 3’s a few hours later after I did my classic ‘rage-bolus’ because I was fed up of sitting at high blood sugars for too long. 

last time trying to bolus for a KK
Long story short – my last Krispy Kreme experience was a bit of an ordeal, and I wanted to find out whether Fiasp could make this any easier. With the accompanying medical leaflet instructing me not to dose Fiasp any more than 2 minutes before eating, the theory is that Fiasp, being a faster acting insulin than the NovoRapid I was previously using, should be absorbed quicker by my body – meaning that I should expect to see less dramatic blood sugar spikes when eating very sugary/high GI fun things like doughnuts. Although NovoRapid is a fast-acting insulin, in my experience even when I do properly pre-bolus and carb-count, eating foods as high in sugar as this will always cause my blood sugar to spike – and high.

So – what was the outcome? Is Fiasp essentially liquid gold and can I settle on a Krispy Kreme selection box of 12 to get me through the rest of my days? Well no, not quite – but the results weren’t bad at all:

For this doughnut of 29g carbs, I took 5.5 units of insulin altogether – 1 unit as a correction dose for my blood sugar of 9.2 mmol/l, and 4.5 units for the doughnut (my ratio right now is 1.5 units for 10g carb). I took this no more than 5 minutes before demolishing my ‘cruller’ d-nut, and as you can see in the Libre graph above – although my bloods did rise – the max I hit were the 12’s, and within 3.5 hrs, I was back in range.

Am I cured? Is Fiasp the answer to all my carb-binging woes? No, I’m not – and no, it isn’t. It’s not perfect – BUT (massive but) – it is a step in the right direction – and a big one. Fiasp, in my experience, definitely works/is absorbed faster than NovoRapid. And yes, although the cruller did send my bloods into the 12’s – that’s nothing on 17.8 followed by crashing 3’s a few hours later with my last KK experience – and I’d take a couple hours at 12mmol/l over swinging highs and lows any day. Watch this space – I think Fiasp has a lot of potential, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else it can handle.

2 thoughts on “The doughnut test

  1. I just used Fiasp for the first time this weekend and plan on sharing my thoughts too. It was great to hear yours 🙂 Do you use this in your pump? I am still using Novorapid in my pump and injecting Fiasp with pens.


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