One of those weeks

You know how sometimes you just have a ‘bad’ week? A few ‘off’ days – just not one of your best? Yeh, you know the type. Well that’s what I’ve just had (well OK – not just had… this blog is a littttttle bit overdue. But I did have it. And it was bad.) – but nothing horrendous, stressful, or particularly discomforting happened – it was just long. A long and tedious week – and all thanks to the ‘betes.

I’ve started to notice this quite a lot recently – and frankly, way more often than I’d like – but every couple of months or so, I keep having these ‘off’ weeks. A tough, brittle, and demanding string of days, where for no real rhyme or reason, my diabetes just doesn’t work. It’s kind of as if I woke up on Monday morning, and – without any change to my diabetic or general ‘life’ regime – my body just didn’t want to respond to my insulin injections anymore. ‘SOZ PAL – I’m done with this whole ‘let’s cooperate like a normal pancreas’ game – hard luck’. And it’s annoying. Really. Annoying.

So throughout this week, my blood sugar levels ran high. Now just to clarify – I’m not talking about in the 20’s here, or at the risk of ketones or ketoacidosis – on the face of it, I was fine. What I mean is that, instead of sitting at a lovely 5-6 mmol/l like I, and any medical doctor, would ideally want, I was sitting more at 10-13 mmol/l – and apparently, there was nothing I could do about it.

Now usually with blood sugars like this, an extra shot of fast-acting insulin, coupled with keeping an eye on what I eat (i.e. ditching my go-to breakfast of peanut butter on toast for a hard-boiled egg – yes, the struggle is real) is enough to nip these pesky rising blood sugars in the bud. But in weeks like this – nope. NADA. Not today gal. My body just does not want to play ball.

By Wednesday, I pretty much felt like I was injecting water. I’d doubled, tripled – sometimes even taken up to 4 times my ‘normal’ insulin dose. I’d cut out all the (lovely) carbs in my life. I’d tried taking random morning walks, long afternoon runs– I’d basically tried a lot of different things in hope of pulling my blood sugars down – but alas, the levels just would not shift back into range – and if I’m honest, I was feeling pretty useless.

Naturally by this point, whilst thinking, ‘what the flippin’ pancakes is going on here?’ I attempted to justify to myself why my body was being such a resistant, pain in the butt. OK so I was a bit stressed and tired with work, and yes I guess I did have a slight sniffle the week before – but to be honest, it was nothing – and really, it’s a treat these days if I’m not feeling anxious or worn out over work – so this was nothing new. I hadn’t changed my exercise routine (aka I was still doing very little (opps, guilty)) or started some crazy fad-diet; it wasn’t that special time of the month, and I wasn’t feeling particular emotional. Nothing – as far as I was aware, had changed – so what the heck was my body playing at?

I’ll probably never understand exactly why my body goes through these little ‘tantrums’ – but after having a few of these tough spells, what I am starting to realise is that the best thing I can do – is just not worry. Why more insulin, or less carbs, or any of the other ‘classic’ tricks to bring my sugars down seem to do zilch during these periods is beyond me – but what I do know is that these spells don’t last, and I almost have to just ‘wait them out’. Sounds strange, I know, and it really isn’t easy to ‘ignore’ your poor health when it’s staring at you from a glucose monitor screen all week long – but then again, spending day after day becoming frustrated and stressed over it to the point where you’ll end up increasing your levels even further anyway isn’t a walk in the park either. So in the spirit of ‘Frankie Goes to Hollywood’ – by Thursday I just told myself; ‘girl – RELAX’ – and guess what? By Sunday morning, sure as anything – I woke up at 5.5 mmol/l, and stayed there all day long. Ridiculous, right? Just one of those weeks, I guess.

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