Blogging with Diabetes UK

OK.And breathe. After 3 months of stressful exams, long work hours, a few tears (OK so maybe a few more than a few) and too much cursing – not to mention the sadly declining blood sugar control that comes with all this (related blog post to come) – I’m finished for Christmas, and feel SUPER. I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle with the ‘work-life’ balance around exam-time (I’m studying for the ACA along with my graduate scheme), but throw in T1D to try and juggle as well – and I’m stumped. BUT – now my pace has slowed down, I can re-focus on my diet and blood sugars, get back into running, and even (wahoooo) start blogging again – which brings me nicely to some REAL exciting news…

Yep! Today I found out that I’ve been lucky enough to be selected by Diabetes UK to attend the Diabetes UK Professional Conference next March as an official member of the onsite Diabetes UK Press Team – and I am BUZZING!

The conference brings together over 3,000 attendees, from healthcare professionals, to people like me (!), who want to share the latest research findings, clinical experiences, and exciting developments within the field of diabetes, towards both treatment, and ultimately a cure for the big D. I’ll get to attend seminars, workshops and lectures from experts in their field, chat to these leaders and meet all kinds of people with all sorts of interest in diabetes – and even better – I’ll learn, frankly more than I ever have before, all about diabetes and where we’re heading in the future – and I can’t wait.

So watch this space! The 8th – 10th March is going to be manic, chaotic, ridiculously busy 3 days – but it’s also going to be an incredibly inspiring, stimulating and exhilarating 3 days – and I’ll be blogging all about it here, on Instagram, and on Twitter – basically, wherever and whenever I can – to whoever will listen (/read…!). Feeling excccccited!

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