Today I wanted to write a little review on a service I’ve started using recently (shout out to Type1Jenn for first introducing me to this – life saver!) and absolutely love. It’s called Pharmacy2U, and it’s basically an online pharmacy run by the NHS that will deliver your supplies to your door, really really quickly, and for absolutely nothing.

Now I know that this is a bit of a ‘first-world problem’ (don’t get me wrong – the fact that I can even have all my diabetic medicationneedle supplied and ordered on the NHS is amazing and I’m very grateful for that) – but I think a lot of us T1’s would agree that having to go to the pharmacy, probably every 1-2 weeks (because let’s face it – you’re insulin needles never conveniently run out at the same time as your Novorapid, do they?), put in your prescription, go back a few days later, hang around for another 30 minutes whilst they ‘get your order ready’ (I still never get that bit, Boots?!) is basically quite annoying. Chuck in a job that’s rarely 9-5, and weekend plans that surprisingly don’t revolve around collecting your prescription – and it’s even more annoying.

The solution? These guys. This service is great – it’s convenient, it’s easy to set up, it’s free, it’s quick – it’s just great. All you have to do is sign up on their website (here!), provide them with your details (such as the standard personal details and details of your GP surgery), scan and send a copy of your medical exemption certificate if applicable (i.e. for us diabetics), and the rest is done for you – it’s SO easy. The company must contact your surgery on your behalf, as when I next logged onto the website, my whole repeat prescription was up on my screen, and I just had to click the medication I needed, and my supplies were ordered – yep, it’s that simple!

all my fav bits (on-screen)
I’ve used the service twice now – the first time for Lantus insulin, and the second time just this week, when I had the classic ‘OK I swear I had hundreds of needles left but I actually have like 16’ realisation on Thursday morning. So as soon as I got to work, I logged onto their App (also great), requested the needles, and they were at my door by Saturday
morning – not bad right?! They’re also great at keeping you updated with when your order’s been dispatched, the day it will be delivered, and when it has been delivered (just in case you’re not in and they’ve left it in your ‘allocated safe place’) by both email and text.

Also for anyone wondering (like I did) ‘how are they going to keep the insulin cool?’ – don’t worry, they’ve got that one covered too! This is how my insulin was packaged when it arrived:


So basically the Lantus pens were surrounded by a cool pack, and then wrapped in insulating wool. I was out for the day when the box was delivered, but when I grabbed it from behind our gate a few hours later, the insulin was still really cool.

So if picking up all different sorts of medical supplies (diabetic or not!) at all different times and days is also a pain in the butt for you, I’d definitely recommend signing up to this. It’s made my life a lot easier, and just gives you one less thing to worry about amongst the hundreds of other fun bits T1D throws at ya on a daily basis. Hope it helps!

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