Hypo rant

I try not to complain toooooo much about diabetes (unless it’s to my family or boyfriend – sorry, you guys don’t count 😊) – yeh, we all know type 1 is annoying – but it’s annoying in the same way as traffic jams are, or my upstairs neighbour who thinks 8am on a Sunday morning is an appropriate time to start drilling – it’s a nuisance, but not the end of the world. But today, for the first time in a while my diabetes really pissed me off.

Long story short – I had a hypo. All in all, I’m pretty lucky (as far as ‘luck’ and ‘having hypos’ goes, of course…), as I usually feel my hypos coming on – I’ll be the one sweating profusely in a 0◦C air conditioned office, for example. Again – a bit of a nuisance, but with hypos being something you have pretty much on a daily basis, you learn to just deal with them – neck a coca cola, pop some energy tablets, and get on with your day.

But today’s hypo was rough. Not your bog standard ‘am I shaking because I’m just hungry (I’m always hungry) or is my blood a bit low?’ type hypo that’s fairly straightforward to ‘nip in the bud’ and treat. Nah. You know when someone’s talking to you, and you know that they’re speaking, but you have no idea what they’re saying? Or when you can’t focus on the room or keep your eyes open properly as they’re beginning to roll back in your head? Yeh, this was one of those stunners. A reallll beauty.

Now what got me about this one is that it stopped me. I’m usually very pro ‘don’t let T1 diabetes stop you from doing anything’ – but even still, there are some times when you physically cannot ignore the D anymore, and you’ve gotta just stop and stuff your face with whatever you can (see below: crumpled dairy milk wrapper).

more annoyingly – my libre was on it’s first day of (bad) calibration – it doesn’t even look like I hypoed!

I wasn’t doing anything particularly strenuous or hypo-inducing at the time (which made the whole thing even more frustrating) – I was actually in the middle of a meeting. Like any normal person, I hadn’t packed a hiking bag to attend a 30 min – 1 hour meeting one floor down from my desk – I’d just taken my laptop and not really thought anymore about it. But of course – OF COURRRRSE I was going to hypo not long after lunch when I least expected it – because – well, because – diabetes. I think it’s fair to say that for a good majority of the time, T1 does whatever it wants, whenever it wants – however much you try and control it or prepare for your blood sugar patterns, T1 has a sneaky old way of basically just screwing you over – que this hypo.

So there I was, minding my own business and listening to the talk, living life care free and ‘on the edge’ with my Freestyle Libre and energy tablets a whole floor away (wild), and it hit me. You know the drill – heart beats a bit faster, neck feels a bit clammy, hand starts to shake. It’s cool, I thought – the meeting won’t be much longer. 10 minutes later I was feeling pretty horrendous. Another 5-10 minutes in and it’s safe to say I didn’t really have a clue what was being discussed anymore. At this point I decided that the sugar-fast really needed to stop before I passed out in front of a room of people (who I’d say about half had no idea who I was, nor that I was diabetic) and cause a right scene. So I said my apologies and left – no big deal, no drama. But having the inability to simply sit through (and maybe, maybeeee even enjoy) a meeting really narked me off. I know, I know – why didn’t I take glucose? Why didn’t I take a hiking bag full of sweets, insulin and blood testing kits? Great question.

I just didn’t think I’d hypo. Which is the problem – what I think my body will do, and what my body actually does, are two completely different things. You can spend every minute of every day carb counting, insulin dose calculating, blood glucose testing and correcting, but the second you take your eye off the ball and ‘chill’, your body is free to do whatever the heck it likes. And does it care that you’re full from the massive piece of quiche you had at lunch, or the fact that you’re 99.9% sure you bolused correctly for it, or that for the first time that day you don’t have your glucose tablets with you? NAH. BODY = NOT BOTHERED.

So there. I hypoed. I felt like crap. I ate wayyyy more than the 15g carbs I was ‘supposed to’ to treat it, and couldn’t care less (rebel). And when I finally came round, I just felt annoyed that a) I hypo b) I can’t predict when I hypo, and c) that I had to rudely leave the meeting, all because my pancreas doesn’t know what to do with itself. Sigh.

ANYWAY. Onwards and upwards. As I said – it’s a nuisance and a pain, but it’s not the end of the world – I didn’t pass out, I’m fine now, and I did get a bag of BBQ Hula Hoops and a Dairy Milk out of it – so every cloud (although if we’re on the topic of rants, the vending machine had kept the chocolate wayyyy too cold for my liking…). Done. Rant over.

8 thoughts on “Hypo rant

    1. Me too San! Well I don’t think so but now you say it…! Was swinging between sweating like mad and feeling hypo to shivering with goosebumps 10 mins later yesterday… so either I’m suffering from an early menopause or you may be right! x


  1. Nasty hypo. Nearly been there’s when talking to clients and dextrose in another room in bag or something, and thinking, I’ll get away in a min and 5 minutes later they are still talking and I’m going under fast.
    Keeps us on our toes I suppose.
    Hate it though when you try to discreetly gobble a couple of dextrose and some bright spark says- don’t be greedy, share out the sweeties then !


    1. It’s hard with a client based job isn’t it! you can’t exactly start off every conversation with a new client like ‘Hi nice to meet you I’m a Type 1!’ 😂 yeh I had to walk away from someone chatting to me recently because of a hypo and they said ‘oh sorry I must be boring you’ it was so annoying – they weren’t boring me at all, I just felt awful!


  2. Things I most hate about hypos:
    1) The 1.9 hypo you barely notice and is sorted with no drama vs the 3.5 that absolutely floors you for a couple of hours.
    2) The “I know I’m low but this thing I’m doing is nearly done. I’ll just ride out the next 10 mins and then sort it” plan. After 20 years, why have I not yet learned that this never works??
    3) Trying to answer the question “Why?” afterwards from people who look like they’re thinking I’m an idiot because I can’t tell them.


    1. Point 2 everytime!! Why do we never learn?! I also add a favourite of mine – 4) when you’ve been out for a MASSIVE carby and overindulgent meal, over bolus for it and then have to treat a hypo half an hour later when you feel sick even thinking of food! Ughh

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  3. I attend team meetings every month or so and they all know I am type 1 so you wouldn’t think it would be an issue but I hate dictating when we have to stop for lunch. The meetings always cover all day and I would always say to the boss before they start that I would like to stop at 1 O’clock for lunch but the number of times someone is in mid presentation and I just feel I cannot insist we stop and having to grab something to cover me. Then of course the boss would spot this and suddenly stop everything so ‘Bruce can get some lunch!’


    1. Yep I hate that too! Feels awkward doesn’t it? I had to ask to end a one to one meeting quite recently due to a hypo, and fairly sure the guy I was with just thought I was fed up – frustrating! Nice that your boss is looking out for you though 😊


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