I’m currently sat on a sun lounger, soaking up the 25 ◦C sun and contemplating whether or not it’s spritzer o’clock. Which it definitely it. And besides, it’s not like I didn’t have a glass with lunch so I’m not really sure who I’m trying to kid…

This has pretty much been my routine most afternoons for the past week, spicing it up a bit with some days down the beach or walks into town. As I’m sure you can all relate, being on holiday is relaxing, beautiful and basically just blummin’ great. Except for one thing…

Blood sugars. For me, blood sugars on holiday are anything but relaxing, beautiful or great. When I’m away, just like anyone else, I like to try everything the destination has to offer. In Portugal, that’s consisted of exploring pretty towns in the sunshine, attempting (and kind of successfully, in my beginner eyes) to bodyboard, day-time drinking, night-time drinking, and generally just overeating and over-enjoying. Nothing too ridiculous or ‘out there’, right?

Ha. Gooden. Let’s go through these from the point of view of my broken pancreas.

THE SUN – That beautiful thing that pops out every now and then in England. Does wonders for your mood and tan, plays havocs for your blood glucose. This mornings’ walk around the local town (which was gentle and not at all strenuous – jussst HOT) bought on another of my many unpredicted 3.2 mmol/l this week, which as all T1’s know are frankly just annoying (and of course, sweating from hypos in 25 ◦C is pretty much as unglamorous as it sounds!).

OVEREATING – Not much more to say here. My ‘low carb high fat’ -esque focus on diet at home, coupled with snacks of vegetables and nuts has rapidly shifted to high carb/high fat/ high calories/ low nothing. Even after a tuna and egg salad at lunch today, my blood has just tested at 14.3 mmol/l two hours later. Just like I like to forget about much of my usual and hectic day-to-day life whilst away, it’s as if my body feels the same way. Plus, when Portuguese custard tarts are this delicious and only 25 cent each, I pretty much have no chance.

BODYBOARDING – This is actually my mini success story for the week and I’m kind of proud of myself – not for the diddy waves I managed to board on (yep, I was a scared big pansy about it… let’s just gloss over that) – but for just going in and doing it. I’ve never been an insulin pumper, but after recently converting to the Freestyle Libre, at £50 a pop I’m pretty cautious about knocking the sensor. So really, bodyboarding (in what was actually pretty rough water) isn’t really what screams out as a ‘great idea’. But screw it – everyone else was doing it, I wanted to do it, and that’s what it’s about. So I taped my sensor down with ‘rocktape’, whacked on some running shorts (my sensor was on my thigh), and had a ‘gnarly’ time (hehe). My sensor was absolutely fine, and even after jumping in and out of water all week, it was nowhere near coming off after its two weeks were up. Gnarly 🙂

All in all, my holiday was fantastic – A week of fun, sun and laughter with family will always be perfection to me 🙂 But on the flip side, a week of yo-yo blood sugars is tiring, frustrating, and heavy. Never has the idea of a 7.00am Monday morning Insanity class to set my sugars to the 5/6’s been so appealing!

‘iya 🙂

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